Spike Heels Shoes

Confused choosing your spike heels?

Your guide, Jane will help you with her personal opinion.

High Heel Shoes 8

Price: $69.99

8+ Inch Spike Heel. Super sexy platform shoe in Black Patent, White Patent, Red Patent. Sizes 6 to 14. EL 821 JULIET P XTREME 709 ...

Spike Black Sandals 9 - 379

Price: $19.99

SIZE 9 SHOES This shoe is the actual shoe you will be receiving. "AS IS". Shoes at great prices and hard to find size 9 shoes available. Ple ...

Ballet Shoes with Front Laces

Price: $96.99

Ballet Shoes with a nice 7 inch high spike heel. Sexy ballet shoes come in a variety of colors: Black Patent, Black Genuine Leather, White ...

Ballet Shoes with Ankle Strap

Price: $99.99

7 inch spike heel. Keep them on their toes..... Ballet shoe with ankle strap comes in Black Patent, Black Genuine Leather. Comes in sizes ...

Spike Metal High Heels with Stilettos - Scream 01

Price: $37.99

STILETTOS Full 6 inch stiletto high heel pump. Actual metal spike heel. Colors: Black Patent, Black PU Leather, White Patent, Red Patent. ...

Spike metal High Heels with ankle strap - Scream 12

Price: $39.99

Stilettos Full 6 inch high heel pump. Actual metal spike high heel with an ankle strap. Colors: Black Patent, Red Patent. Sizes 5 to 14. ...

Fetish High Heels - P - Scream 18

Price: $42.99

Full 6 inch oxford pump. Actual metal spike stilletto high heel. Colors: Black Patent, Red Patent. Sizes 5 to 14. Scream 18 Heel Height ...

Mary Jane Ballet Shoe

Price: $95.99

Ballet Shoes come with a nice 7 inch spike high heel. Comes in a variety of great colors: Black Patent, Black Genuine Leather, White Patent ...


How to choose you new spike heel shoes?

Wow, spike heel shoes with 6+ inch heels – that’s amazing and absolutely impossible. But don’t worry the nice 7 and 8 inch spike heelss are of the ballet shoes to keep the ballerinas on their feet all the time.

What else could I say? They are beautifully solid polished and shiny in varieties of different colors – black, red, white, with ankle straps or with ties.

The 8+ inch extremely high spike heels come in super sexy high platform in red, black and white, and sizes from 6 to 14.

The rest of the shoes you see above are like dwarfs compared to the 8 inch giants, but still are sexy with their high metal spike heels. All feature either ankle straps, or ties, and are in black, red or white. Let’s not forget the variety of shoe sizes available - from 5 to 14 - and all are at great prices.