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Unique Halloween Costumes

Confused choosing your unique Halloween costume?

Your guide, Jane will help you with her personal opinion.

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child Costume

Price: $32.99

It's easier to be fearless with muscles like these! Look out, Joker! This is one buff Batman who is ready for anything you dish out! This ...

Addams Family Sexy Wednesday Adult Costume

Price: $49.99

No one can resist her alluring ways! Oh, be careful she may look like a sweet treat, but she has a few tricks that your fait will meet! Y ...

Roman Soldier Armour Set Adult

Price: $79.99

The Roman Soldier Armour Set includes: helmet with red feather and face guard, gold chest piece, back piece, gold shin guards, gold shield, ...

Cleopatra Elite Collection Adult

Price: $139.99

This majestic fully finished full length White satin gown has an attached waist sash, gold apron drop, back zipper, separate stretch collar ...

Viking Warrior Adult Costume

Price: $169.99

A primeval knight with rare rugged charm. Unleash your inner conqueror in the Viking Warrrior costume, which includes: A tenacious tunic ...

Michael Jackson (Billie Jean Costume) Adult

Price: $99.99

The moon walkin' smooth talkin' old school King of pop. Looking to impress a P.Y.T? Take a trip down rock 'n roll's memory lane in the Mi ...

Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Costume

Price: $49.99

Born to be a superheroine. She's a fearless fighter who has known nothing else her entire life. Born to a superhero mother, Laurie Juspec ...

Star Trek Classic Red Dress Deluxe Adult Costume

Price: $47.49

A sexy security uniform brought to you by Star Fleet! What could be cuter than a Star Fleet security officer in a red dress? This short s ...


Unique Halloween costumes that make you stand out

Halloween is almost upon us. We've got less than a month to dress ourselves in our Unique Halloween Costumes and surprise everyone at the party. Children adore this holiday and they are so eagerly awaiting the night, when they are going to wear their favorite kids Halloween costumes.

The most important things you should consider before the Halloween eve is how to decorate your house and what Unique Halloween Costume to wear at the wild Halloween party this year. I am serious because picking and choosing your unique Halloween costume could be really hard.

I am saying this because all of the above Unique Halloween Costumes are so different from each other, so your choice could be really hard to make. I will be happy if I help you make you choice easier for buying the most Unique Halloween Costume.

If you like superheroes than a superhero costume is just for you - you can put on the batgirl, Robin or batman costume if you like these ones, for more check the other superhero costumes.

If you like fairytales then you will probably be interested in the witch, mermaid or princess Halloween costumes, and if you like scary costumes - the Unique Halloween Costumes of vampires and the devils will suit you best.

The flapper costumes are sexy, but if you really want to look like a naughty girl then you will love the more sexy and unique Halloween Costumes of cheerleader and naughty girl. Actually nothing can be sexier than the super sexy bunny or cowgirl Halloween costumes, but it really depends on you how sexy you wanna look.

A couple of matching Unique Halloween Costumes for you and your partner will be so cool if you ask me. Couple Halloween costumes have always been very popular and sexy, and you - you will look great wearing them.