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Renaissance Halloween Costumes

Renaissance Costumes for Halloween

Are you ready to go back ages with your Halloween costume? If you do then all you need is a renaissance costume. How to pick one? Your guide, Jane will help you with her personal opinion.

Elizabethian Queen Adult Costume

Price: $56.99

An elegant and royal costume. Includes long velvet gown with period neckline, gold accents and details, wire hoop slip and headpiece. ...

Musketeer Adult Costume

Price: $59.99

Become a brave soldier from the middle-ages in Eastern Europe with this great Musketeer costume. Includes Full renaissance style shirt with ...

Maid Marian Adult Costume

Price: $74.99

Rapturously wrapped in ruby. Be the Lady of Sherwood in this lovely full-length dress, with included waist tie and headpiece. * Av ...

Evil Queen Adult Costume

Price: $48.99

Standing strong by her King, an evil and wise woman, as she rules over Thy Evil Court. Majestically gothic, this provocative costume incl ...

Renaissance Gypsy Plus Adult

Price: $85.99

Lavish and colorful, this costume is stunning! Costume includes: Gorgeous purple and sheer pale gold two-tone crushed velvet dress with cors ...

Country Wench Gathered Skirt in Eggplant Renaissance Collection Adult

Price: $49.99

Full of grand spirit and it really shows, adventure will follow wherever she goes! The gathered skirt has a double set of lacing holes in ...

Robin Hood Elite Collection Adult

Price: $119.99

This noble gentleman will take from the rich and give to the poor... a legendary hero. This top quality, fully finished garment includes ...

Renaissance Peasant Elite Collection Adult

Price: $99.99

A superior quality costume, perfect for costume parties and Renaissance Faires! This splendid, fully finished garment includes a Brown mi ...


Renaissance Costumes are perfect for Halloween

Why is that? Well, renaissance costumes always have had the tendency to remind me of something beautiful and dangerous at the same time. That’s why I think they are perfect for Halloween – the funniest and spookiest holiday of the year.

In fact Halloween has always turned everything up side down with all the scary decorations, monsters and stuff… That’s why everybody loves it – for one night let’s pretend to be someone you’ve never been or would ever be. You can do this if your wear a renaissance costume.

If you are a girl or a woman then you might enjoy being a country wench or a gypsy girl, or why not a rich maid just for one night at Halloween.

As for men they can enjoy being Robin Hood and make a great couple with Maid Marian, or be a nice renaissance peasant and partner their country wench.

With the renaissance Halloween costume on you look stylish but yet you are not yourself, which in fact is the main purpose of wearing costumes at Halloween. Be someone you want to be for one night, someone you will never ever be in real life.