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Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter Costumes for the spookiest night of the year!

If you love Harry Potter then you will definitely love these Harry Potter costumes. And your guide, Jane will help you choose the best one for you or your kids... Read her personal opinion.

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince Deluxe Slytherin Robe Child Costume

Price: $26.99

Can you speak to snakes? You can be Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe or Gerald Goyle with this Slytherin Robe. Includes Black ankle length ro ...

Harry Potter Robe Adult

Price: $31.99

Includes a basic Black robe with Griffindor Crest iron on, front clasp, and attached hood with Burgundy lining. One size Adult Standard (fit ...

Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Child

Price: $26.99

It's the great boy wizard himself! This officially licensed Harry Potter™ costume includes black robe with attached hood, burgundy acce ...

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Deluxe Child

Price: $29.99

Perfect for anyone from the house of Gryffindor. You can be Hermione, Ron, or even Harry Potter with this new Deluxe Gryffindor Robe. I ...

Premium H.P. Gryffindor Robe Child

Price: $44.99

The Ultimate Gryffindor Robe from Harry Potter! This premium deluxe hooded robe is made of Black velvet and lined in Burgundy satin wit ...

Harry Potter Dementor Child

Price: $23.99

The scary creature from the Prisoner of Azkaban Includes Black character mask* and long black robe with chest piece. * Available i ...

Harry Potter Quidditch Robe Super Deluxe Child

Price: $29.99

Which position do you play? Seeker, Beater, Keeper or Chaser? This super deluxe Harry Potter Quidditch ankle length robe is crimson* wi ...

Harry Potter Voldemort Child

Price: $26.99

I'll get that Harry Potter if it's the last thing I do! I call on all of my followers to assist me in the purification of the bloodline ...


Who wants to be Harry Potter this Halloween?

Actually most of the kids I know want to be like Harry Potter all year round and to do all the magic stuff he does. Well, I am happy to be able to make all those kids happy as they can be dressed like their favorite magician Harry Potter.

Most of the Halloween costumes you see above are designed for children, but there are a few costumes suitable for adults. So if you want to make your kids even happier, you can dress like a Death Eater – the follower of the Dark Lord Voldemort or you can dress like Voldemort himself. This will definitely drive your children’s imagination crazy and they would never forget that magic Halloween.

It is clear the he most wanted Harry Potter costume for Halloween is his black robe. It is also available in adult sizes. So if you are a fan of Joan Rowling’s character then go and pick your Harry Potter Costume for this Halloween right now!