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French Maid Costumes for Halloween

The ultimate rich men magnet - sexy French maid costume

How about some French maid costumes? If you really want to heat the atmosphere at that Halloween party, I suggest you dress up like hot and sexy maid. If you still have doubts about how short your maid’s dress should be, do not hesitate to ask Jane she will always help you with her personal opinion.

Fifi French Maid Adult Costume

Price: $39.99

She'll be more than happy to give you a good cleaning! The Fifi French Maid costume includes a black and white dress with clear straps and s ...

Fiona the French Maid Adult Costume

Price: $34.99

Oui, Oui Madam! The Fiona the French Maid costume includes a black and white satin and crushed velvet dress with a white satin underskirt ...

Chambermaid Plus Adult

Price: $56.99

This lovely lady was maid to clean! Includes a black and white, two-toned corested dresss with attached apron. * Available in adul ...

Sexy French Maid Adult Costume

Price: $43.99

This maid will turn your world upside down! Includes Apron style dress with puffy sleeves and feather duster. * Available in Adult ...

Diva Frisky French Maid Sexy Plus Adult Costume

Price: $36.99

La bonne francaise joueuse. This variation of the maid outfit will make you say oh-la-la! The Diva Frisky French Maid includes a black wi ...

Fiona The French Maid Plus Adult Costume

Price: $41.99

Hired help never looks so good! Includes a satin and crushed velvet dress with ruffled underskirt, lace apron, headpiece and garter. Plea ...

Frisky French Maid Adult Costume

Price: $39.99

A beautiful beck and call babe! She’s a dusting diva with a penchant for flirtatious frocks! The Frisky French Maid costume includes: A L ...

Darque French Maid Adult Costume

Price: $46.99

She'll mind your manor... “Oui Monsieur?” The Darque French Maid costume includes: A PVC dress featuring lace-up back closure, a fitted b ...


French maid costumes – the ultimate rich men magnet

If you want to be a naughty maid this Halloween you might got your chance with a sexy French maid costume. Remember the movie with J Lo, the one she was a maid, well she was a Latino maid but yet she succeeded to find a very rich husband at the end. Nice movie, I loved her uniform, it looked almost like the ones presented above, except for the stockings and the extra short skirt :)

As a matter of fact this movie (Maid in Manhattan) gave an excellent idea that you can make a perfect couple for this Halloween – you with the French maid costume and your partner dressed like the very rich guy (I think it was Ralph Fiennes played that part in the movie).

I think you would look very sexy in a French maid costume dress. Everybody would know what you are wearing and won’t ask you the stupid question who you are supposed to be in that Halloween costume.

The feather duster and the high heel shoes are very important parts of the costume, but not as important as the apron is. Actually without the apron you will be just wearing a very sexy and short black dress.

Hope you manage to dust off all the boredom at this year’s Halloween party and just have fun, a lot of it.