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Flapper Costumes

Confused choosing your flapper costume?

Your guide, Jane will help you with her personal opinion.

Fashion Flapper (Red) Plus Adult

Price: $39.99

Fashion Flapper (Red) Plus includes dress. Boa, headpiece, boa, stockings, and shoes not included. Available in Adult Plus sizes 1X and 3X. ...

Fashion Flapper (Red) Adult

Price: $34.99

A racy red flapper! Includes a red flapper dress with layered fringe, a gold sequin trim neckline and a matching gold sequin headband w ...

Fashion Flapper (White) Adult

Price: $34.99

A fashionable flapper dress from the roaring 20's! Includes a white flapper dress with layered fringe, a gold sequin trim neckline and ...

Fashion Flapper (Black) Adult

Price: $31.99

You'll be ready for a night at the Speakeasy... Includes: Short fringe dress in Black with sequin trim* around the neck and headpiece. ...

Black Flapper Costume Adult

Price: $36.99

Our Black Flapper costume will make you feel like the cat's meow. Hit the speakeasy tonight! This all black mid-thigh length dress with ...

Hottie Totties Retro Flapper Adult

Price: $33.99

The party girl of the 1920s. The bright bold colors of this feminine costume come together beautifully, reflecting the energy and enthu ...

Sexy Black Flapper Adult

Price: $54.99

The 20's are alive and well. Quality flapper costume includes: tube dress, beaded halter collar detailing, feather headpiece and cigare ...

Flapper Fashion Plus (Black) Adult

Price: $46.99

Short hair, short skirt! This "Roaring Twenties" outfit includes a Black layered-fringe dress with sequin trim and Black sequin headban ...


I have always wondered why most Halloween costumes are designed for women? Maybe because it’s us - women, who love to put on sexy Halloween costumes such as the flapper costumes you see above.

Of course like every women you wanna look attractive and make everyone else admire you as a woman of good taste and always dressed in good style. Now you can show your great style again through your gorgeous and sexy looking flapper costume during the Halloween night.

I am know quite well how difficult it can be for you to pick and choose the best Halloween costume out of so many beautiful flapper costumes. Each costume has its own spirit and during the magic night of Halloween the flapper costume can make you feel like the woman who has worn such costume back in the 1920's.

Of course the designers of all flapper costumes got their inspiration from original and authentic costumes but have made these lovely flapper costumes even more bright and shining than the original ones.

No matter which of the flapper costumes above you choose, I promise you will enjoy yourself all Halloween night long.